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Let me help you discover a surprisingly easy method for sharing your Christian faith so naturally that you will Be a Soul Winner!

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My name is Frederick Scott, Jr and I'm a Christian who is committed to helping other Christians share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With God's help and with God's Grace, I developed the free mobile application called iGospelShare. Then, with God's help and God's Grace , I also wrote the easy-to-read and informative book entitled, Witnessing Without Worry as a companion to the iGospelShare App. The book and the app together form the prefect combination for learning how to share your faith. 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

This is truly one of the best books I have read about evangelism.  I keep the book on my nightstand and refer to it often.  Witnessing Without Worry is easy to read and the iGospelShare method is easy to implement.  

An igenius use of technology for evangelism, iGospelShare is certainly one of the most important apps a Christian should download.  The app is a great addition, but the book is a must!  Witnessing Without Worry will help take your personal evangelism ministry to another level.

Kevin RichardsonCharlette, NC
Paul McKelleyMiddletown, DE

Just one word, AMAZING!  I found the book to be very informative and a pleasure to read.  We have started a small study in our cell group around Witnessing Without Worry and people are already sharing stories of how they have planted seeds and shared the Gospel.  

I can still remember when I first got saved. I was excited and wanted everyone to know about it. But more importantly, I wanted all my friends and family members to get saved too!

During that time I probably did more to push people away from Christ than I actually did to lead them to Christ. I had zeal and my intentions were good, however my approach left a lot to be desired.

Then I learned something very important, something which I go into more detail about in the book, something that helped me to understand why my approach was unsuccessful. Since then I have corrected the my approach, but I've noticed that many Christians still have that problem with sharing their faith today.

Realizing that most Christians sincerely want to witness, and also realizing that most don’t know how, or even worse, they are afraid; I wrote Witnessing Without Worry to help take the fear and the worry out of sharing the Gospel so that, prayerfully, you will become a more effective witness for Jesus Christ.


​And because you seem to be curious to discover how easy it is to learn to share your faith, I'm offering you the opportunity to purchase Witnessing Without Worry at a generous discount....

  • Witnessing Without Worry will teach you how to plant a seed so that people will be open to future interactions.
  • Witnessing Without Worry will teach you how to find an opening in any conversion to share the Gospel.
  • Witnessing Without Worry will teach you how to define what real success is with sharing your faith.
  • Witnessing Without Worry is being offered at a generous price.

30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

I am certain you will be very happy with your book purchase.  However, if after reading the book and your are not completely satisfied for any reason, simply say so for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund.  Guaranteed!


Jesus paid the price for our salvation and our salvation cost God His one and only Son. Yet, God tells us through His word that our souls were worth the price. Winning souls is important to God, so winning souls should be important to us as well.

How much is it worth for you to see your friends and family members get led to Christ?  For most of us no dollar amount seems too high.

Today I am asking you to plant a seed by purchasing this book so that you will be better equipped to plant a seed of the Gospel in someone's life and hopefully one day lead that person to the Savior.

Usually this book sales for $12.99 in books stores, but if you take action today and purchase from this site, you can get it for the generous price of only $9.99.  

I do look forward to thanking you as a new customer, but more importantly, I look forward to what God is going to do through you as you continue to share the Gospel and Witness Without Worry.

May God bless you exceedingly!!!


About the Author

Reverend Frederick Scott, Jr. is an Information Technology expert by profession and a preacher by passion. RevFred is a seminary graduate, an entrepreneur, and the owner of HighSpeed Technologies, a information technology consulting company.

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